About Me

In all honesty im stuck in a rift of sort at this current point in my life, blessed by great family and friends, and torn by a past that once was and never will be again, but faced with opportunities that will empower all that i have achieved in my life till this day.

I guess ive never really taken charge of what i want and need in my life until recently and having such power whilst not being to sure of how to harness it can be difficult at times.

All of us go through transitions of sorts through out our lives hoping that the choices we have made in the past will lead us on the right path in the end, with the branches of our tree ever growing sparatic in nature, just as our thoughts make us do the things we do.

So yeah, ive made mistakes, tried to regain what once was, realising that there is no need to hold on, but to let go and embrace what I trust in the most, and that is myself.


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